Oceanography & Hydrography

    The company is based on sound competencies and proven technologies to apply knowledge of the ocean. Our particular focus is on coastal zones, the most complex, very rich but threatened by human activities.

    Technical services:

    • provisioning of remote and in situ monitoring technologies
    • setup of integrated ocean montoring networks
    • acquisition of ocean data
    • provisioning of modelling and forecast services
    • Devlopment of solutions for  aquaculture
    • Support for
    • Management of littoral areas,
    • Natural hazards and risks, erosion/sdedimentation,
    • Shipping, offshore industry, urban development, tourism / conflicts of usage

Fund raising:

  • Selection of funding programs,
  • Setup of proposals and consortia
  • Projects management


  • Coordination of R&D or industrial projects
  • Administrative and/or techical support to projects coordinators
  • Economic studies, business models, plans and strategies
  • Hosting of projects and teams